On the app’ Welcome screen, select “NEW ACCOUNT”

You will create your Papott profile.

You can then update it as many times as you want!

The very first step is to show us who you are!

Click on the circle and you will be able either to select a picture in your phone or take a selfie.

When you are happy with your face, press “NEXT”.

Advise: choose a picture which really allows to recognize you and change it whenever you want in order to reflect your style, your mood, etc…

And now, the community would appreciate some more details!

First name: can be useful to talk to you 🙂

E-mail: is used as your unique identifier; it is not visible to the Papott community.

Papott password: to be defined by you for this app; it is obviously encrypted and not visible for others. Will be usefull in order to login in case you would fully logout fro the app.

Passions and hobbies: What do you like in life? Food, sports, books, movies… all topics you may like to talk about with anyone.

Job: can allow you to grow your network and promote your self as a professional. Displayon services you can offer to people around you may bring you more business.

City of residence: where do you live? (because generally, when meeting new people, we ask for their name, job and… city of residence :-))

Advice: to easily jump to next line, press “next”

Do you allow the app to know your location?

This is a prerequisite to show you people around and to show them who you are. The app does not keep record your moves (see general terms for more details).

Advise: to be invisible, you can activate the “incognito” mode at any time in your profile details.

Papott location tracking 1

If you have a message starting with “Oups…”

This can be because the location tracking is not activated. Select “change now” to set the right parameter.

If pop-up comes back despite location tracking is activated, just press cancel (indeed, we have a small bug 🙁 still to be corrected)

Papott location tracking 2

Congrats, you are now connected!

You can now visualize who is nearby and other people can see you.

Several menus can be accessed at the bottom of the screen:

“home”: this is the list of Papott community members, sorted by increasing distance. If you want to know more about people around you, at work, in a pub or in your neighbourhood, just promote the app and it will do the rest for you 🙂

“picture”: change here your selfie at any time.

“me”: change or enrich your profile with more details. From here, you can also activate the “incognito” mode or access the general terms.

“feedback”: tell us what you think about the app and which other features you would expect us to deploy. At the end of the day, this app is yours!

papott app homepage