Curious to know a bit more about people around you?

Discover them on Papott, recognize them nearby and talk with them instead of looking at your phone!

Discover simple functionalities

Wherever you are, Papott will show you the open-minded and interesting people currently around you.

They are sorted by increasing distance so that you can focus on those you can recognize physically.

The profile details will give you the keys to break the ice. You will find here more info about a person in order to easily engage conversation.

From there, you can also signal us an objectionable profile or even block it in order to not appear anymore on his/her phone.

It is essential that your profile’s picture reflects how you truly look like. Ideally, you can change it everyday in order to be even easier recognized by other members of the community.

In the example on the left, this is my face. it is not that I like it but it is mine so I show it. And if I wear a hat today, it’s good to have it on the picture as well.

Here you can manage the basic info you will expose to the Papott community. You can update it at your convenience.

We will add more optional details in the future but on the other hand, it should not become a CV.

One of our core-values is “Continuous improvement”.

Your opinion is essential to us; all feedbacks about your user experience, all ideas, all expectations will be carefully reviewed and assessed for potential future enhancements


You want more tangible interactions?

You want to increase your professional exposition?

Or you simply want to better know people around you?

Papott can help you when…

You are curious and open

Simply talk to the person next to you

Discovering new people and talking with them is the essence of Papott.

They may be very different from you but it makes them even more interesting!

Being open to others contributes to make the world better.

You are in a business trip

Socialize with other travelers

Evenings can be a bit long if you travel alone for business.

Luckily, you are surrounded by many other lonely business travellers!

See who they are and enhance your professional network.

You are alone for lunch

Find open-minded people around you

Could you simply seat together and share your lunch time?

This is much better than eating alone!

You may even make new friends or look at your current colleagues from a different perspective.

You are in a fair or tradeshow

You don't know people around you

And they don’t have their business card sticked on their face!

Papott will show you who they are.

And it becomes suddenly much easier to approach them and engage conversation!

You want more visibility

Display your job in your profile.

People around will see your profession.

They may directly approach you for services you can provide.

Papott helps you to promote yourself and generate new business opportunities.


You want to promote team spirit and reduce silos in your company?

You want your customers to socialize in your hotel?

You want to enhance professional networking during your fair?

Contact us to arrange that!

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