The origins

It was in Basel, Switzerland. Coming back from a business trip, I was tired and observing people seating around me in the tram. Not understanding the local dialect, it was easy to only focus on their behavior. They were like me, in their small bubble, not interacting with anyone, with a closed face and – apparently – closed mind.

One person suddenly started to talk to his neighbor! It was kind of an event and everybody was almost shocked about this intrusion in their lives.

But from this disruptive event a conversation emerged, between 2, then 3 and 4 people who originally did not know each other’s. Others passengers were simply listening to it… and smiling, like me!

It generated very good vibes in the tram and we all benefited from it. I was suddenly surrounded by humans who just wanted to be nice and polite to each other’s. They were not standalone individuals anymore but beautiful people being part of a community.

This is where I realized that it would be beneficial for society to provide people with basic information helping them breaking the ice. And if they make it, it could really make the world better.

I did not do anything as I was absorbed by my work as an employee. Early 2016, a conversation with a friend woke up this idea. He was then so enthusiastic about it that I decided to invest my cash – yes, it costs! – and my free time into this project. And here we are!

Who am I?

My name is Max and I am the founder of Papott.

Being a family man, I really want to contribute to make the world getting better for the benefit the next generations!

OK, I admit, It might be a symptom of my « 40’s crisis » but why not trying?

I thank my wife for supporting me in this initiative which is disturbing a bit our private life. I thank my children for their curiosity about the project. And I thank my family and friends who do not hesitate to give me their opinions to make this story a success!

And last but not least, I thank Xavier the independant developper who created the app based on my specification and who contributed to it by questioning and challenging almost all my ideas


The website and its related application are operated by the company Papott, a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 10 000€ registered under the number 821 681 673 at the Mulhouse RCS. Headquarter is located 6 rue Jules Ferry, 68300 Saint-Louis (France). The president/founder is Maxime Vitrey.

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